Procedure for handling of complaints

1 General

1.1 If the user is not satisfied with the services or activities of ECHT Invest, the user can submit a complaint to ECHT Invest. The complaint may be submitted in the format that can be reproduced in writing no later than three months after the date of the discovery of the alleged violation of the rights to ECHT Invest by e-mail to the address . In case the user has expresses his complaint orally, the ECHT Invest proposes to submit the complaint in written form.

1.2 The complaint should be provided in English and the complaint should include at least:

  • full name of the complainant;
  • e-mail address where the answer is expected;
  • as accurate overview as possible of the circumstances being the basis of complaint.

1.3 If this is necessary, the complainant should add all documents to its complaint to rely on.

1.4 ECHT Invest answers to the complaint by e-mail provided in the complaint at least in the format that can be reproduced in writing.

1.5 If the complaint of the user is not understandable or is based on the documents that are not freely available for ECHT Invest, ECHT Invest proposes the user by e-mail to amend the complaint and/or submit the missing document.

1.6 ECHT Invest is not taking any fee for handling the complaints of the users.

1.7 The expression of discontent by each user regarding the services, conduct or obligations of ECHT Invest submitted in the format that can be reproduced in writing is handled as the complaint of the user.

1.8 The employee settling the complaint relates to the complainant and its complaints without prejudice and with respect.

2 Complaint proceedings

2.1 The responsible employee controls the complaints received to e-mail address at least twice within workday.

2.2 At the receipt of the complaint sent to e-mail the responsible employee assesses whether the complaint is important, requires consultation with the lawyer for settling the complaint and whether additional information or data should be obtained from the complainant for relevant settlement of the complaint.

2.3 The employee notifies the members of the management board of ECHT Invest, if the complaint is important and if the complaint has been submitted against the employee having received the complaint.

2.4 The complaint is important, if:

2.4.1 the complaint is related to the user’s assets by ECHT Invest;

2.4.2 the circumstances provided in the complaint could lead to court dispute or material damage to the reputation of ECHT Invest.

2.5 If in the opinion of the employee it is necessary to collect additional documents or information for the correct settlement of the complaint, he/she is obliged to immediately address the complainant with the relevant request, if the required information or documents are not freely available for ECHT Invest.

3 Term and method for responding

3.1 In general, the user’s complaint should be settled within 3 working days.

3.2 If the lawyer should be involved or attorneys-at-law addressed for the settlement of complaint, the user’s complaint should be settled within 15 working days from the receipt of the complaint at the latest.

3.3 If the complaint could not be settled due to the complicacy of the complaint or other good reasons within 15 working days, the user should be in any case notified by e-mail of the reasons of extension and additional date. The latter cannot be longer than 35 days.

3.4 The user’s complaint should be answered in the format that can be reproduced in writing (i.e. the answer need not to be signed) to the e-mail address indicated in the complaint.

4 Settlement of complaint

4.1 If the statements provided in the complaint are justified, ECHT Invest recovers the rights violated by the user without delay or provides another suitable solution for the user. If the loss incurred to the user should be compensated or cash amount returned for settling the complaint, the solution of the complaint should be agreed with ECHT Invest management  administrator.

4.2 If ECHT Invest partly or fully dismisses the complaint of the user, the responsible employee should reason its decision in the response sent to the user.

5 Retention of complaints and the related documents

5.1 ECHT Invest retains complaints and their appendices, ECHT Invest’s answer and its appendices and other relevant information in ECHT Invest internal web or mail management programme for a period indicated in the applicable legal acts.

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